Find your voice as a creative business

For us, success is when a creative business owner finds their voice as a business, whether that business is related to Events or Interiors. They become the guides that they are to make great art for their clients on their terms. Of course, making money matters and we make sure our clients always thrive financially, but being in control of their story and process is the foundation to that material success. Nowhere is this more true than in Interiors and Events.

Who Is It For?

Anyone in creative business (owner or employee) related to either Events or Interiors who is looking to elevate their business through a process of weekly exploration. I expect members of each of the Event and Interior collective (they are separate) to want to work hard on challenging themselves about why they do what they do with the goal of transformative change. Being perpetually curious, willing to listen to different viewpoints and be part of the conversation are prerequisites. The Event Collective and The Interior Collective will operate separately and will each receive a weekly post and call. However, every month or so, we will open the floor to everyone so that we can really be cross discipline and learn from each other in a real-time, practical, on-going way. Event and Interior professionals absolutely have much to learn from each other.

  • Exclusive Membership

    Membership limited to 50 professionals in either Events or Interiors (2 Separate Groups).

  • Private Facebook Group

    Private Facebook group access (one for Events and one for Interiors) for convenient communication and networking opportunities with other BBC collective members.

  • Weekly In-Depth Briefs

    A thorough investigation of each week's topic with a special focus on a member business case study to prepare the collective for productive discussion.

  • Teleconferences

    60-90 minute recorded teleconferences are limited to 30 members each. Brief setup by the host is followed by a guided Socratic discussion and member contributions.

  • Guest Lecturers

    In addition to Sean, accomplished creative professionals will take over each group 1-2 times a month to infuse their unique perspectives and experiences into the discussion.

  • 25% Consulting Discount

    All members will receive a 25% discount on any one-on-one consulting work with Sean Low during their subscription.

Who we are

I have a law degree from UPenn and have worked in or owned businesses of every size business imaginable. Fourteen years ago I started as the President of Preston Bailey Design and began my deep commitment to creative businesses. I started my consulting business, The Business of Being Creative, almost nine years ago with the idea of helping creative businesses become the very best versions of themselves. My focus is on everything that happens in a creative business from the moment a potential client appears to the very last moment of a project. Getting the potential client to your door – marketing, advertising, PR – is not my game.

I have been incredibly fortunate to have worked with a wide swath of all creative business on a one-on-one basis – all kinds of designers – interior, event, graphic, fashion; photographers, architects, even shoe makers. Some of the businesses are household names, others just starting to make a name for themselves and everything in between.

While, all creative businesses thrill me, my core rests with Events and Interiors. I consider myself deeply versed in both industries, proud to have worked with some of the very best in Events and Interiors. I am on a mission to see creative businesses in Events and Interiors evolve far beyond where they are today. I started The BBC Collective - Events and The BBC Collective - Interiors to help make this evolution a reality.

How it works

I have a very specific vision for the collective. I am a lawyer by training and have also worked with many MBA’s in my career. I would like to combine the best of both worlds in The BBC Collective – real time case studies from business school with Socratic discussion found in law school.

Each week, on Wednesday, I will send members of Events and Interiors a topic survey with five or so choices (i.e., pricing, client management, contracts, sales, finance, strategy, structure) with the aim of finding the topic hottest on everyone’s mind. Thursday, I will announce the following weeks topic and solicit requests for real time examples related to the issue. For example, if the topic is pricing, a member can send in how they are currently pricing, what is happening and what is a hoped for resolution.

I will review the case studies and will choose the one I think fits the best with the weeks conversation. The following Tuesday I will release my brief(s) on the subject. We may or may not cover the same topic in each group each week. Only where appropriate. With permission, the business owner will be revealed with the aim of finding support not only from me but the collective as a whole. The brief will generally have three parts: 1) a general discussion pertaining to the topic – more targeted than my blog posts but still general enough to apply to all members; 2) a specific introduction, review and analysis of the case study (if applicable); and 3) an industry specific recommendation based on the case study. If needed, there will be follow on exercises/materials that might be helpful for members as they seek to attack the issue in their own Event or Interior creative business.

On Wednesday and Thursday following the release of the weekly brief, I will host 45-60 minute recorded teleconferences limited to 30 members each. The teleconference will start with a brief introduction of the topic but be largely a Socratic discussion on that week’s topic with members adding their opinions and analysis to the forum. Prior questions and thoughts can be emailed to me in advance, but definitely not a prerequisite. The teleconferences will be limited so I would ask that we all be good citizens and only attend one per week. As we grow, I will be hosting multiple calls for each group per week. The conferences will be recorded, embedded in the written post and you can look at them as awesome podcasts that you can review at your leisure if you are unable to dial in.

All briefs and teleconferences will be archived and accessible to members so long as they are members. All members will be able to access all content. So if you are a member of the Event collective, you will be able to access content generated for Interiors and vice-versa. Conference calls, other than as noted, however, will be industry specific.

  • Topic Survey

    Every Wednesday members are surveyed to find a new topic for the week that is selected by Sean based on feedback and relevance. Creative or practical, we'll cover every aspect of running your business. Related topics are strategically spaced to keep the discussions fresh.

  • Case Study Selection & Review

    On Thursday, the new topic is announced and members submit how the topic has impacted their Event or Interior business. Sean selects one submission to use as the topic's case study. Don't worry, you can submit anonmyously.

  • Weekly Brief Release

    On Tuesday, the brief and case study is released. More in-depth than the blog posts, briefs cover topic and case study top to bottom to fully prepare members for a productive teleconference.

  • Weekly Teleconferences

    On Wednesday and Thursday, Sean or a guest will host 60 minute recorded teleconferences limited to 30 members each with a focus on Socratic dialogue. There will be separate calls for each group.

Join the Collective

Membership is subscription-based. Your card will be charged $250/month on a rolling four month subscription basis.
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